"Maple Hill Park is precious jewel among the assets of Hibbing!"            
 Friends of Maple Hill Park


"Maple Hill Park is a precious jewel among the assets of Hibbing!"            
 Friends of Maple Hill Park

Friends of Maple Hill Park is a volunteer citizen group created by the Hibbing
City Council to work with the Hibbing Parks and Recreation Board to prepare
a master plan for the improvement and use of Maple Hill Park as a recreation
area. All are invited to join the group to share ideas and pitch in with projects.
 Contact us at neighbors@maplehillpark.org

Mission Statement-under consideration

The Friends of Maple Hill Park are committed to preserving the unique
wilderness characteristics of Maple Hill Park while providing accessibility for
recreational and educational opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Friends of Maple Hill Park propose these following actions to reach our
goal of preserving the wilderness:
o    Establishing and maintaining trails that allow access to all areas of the
park, without encroaching on sensitive ecosystems or destroying rare or
endangered plants.
o    Educating visitors about the wildlife and plant life in the park through the
use of signs and a website.
o    Utilizing the volunteer services of various professions, such as engineers,
landscape architects, horticulturists, DNR representatives, surveyors, and

A priority for the Friends of Maple Hill Park is to increase accessibility, both to
the park itself and to the various areas within the park. To accomplish these
goals, we propose the following actions:
o    Placing signs welcoming visitors to the Park, and installing  boundary,
and trail head signs.
o    Establishing areas for parking.
o    Utilizing volunteers and Park Department employees to improve and
maintain trails, with focus on erosion control and safety.
o    Establishing new trails for hiking and nature studies.

Educational programs and recreational opportunities that are compatible with
a nature preserve will be encouraged.

Long-range Goals:
o    Obtain  adjoining properties of 27.7 acres and 5 acres and incorporate
these parcels into the master plan for Maple Hill Park.
o    Provide for handicapped access.